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Complete house remodeling and handyman service interior/exterior small or big work done in                   long island NY, excellent work , reliable

Complete house remodeling

We serve in long island , NY

Professional in our work all the time

All people stayed satisfied and happy

It’s a beautiful experience to have us and is unforgettable because our style is the only one

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We work by hour , day  or contract

There are situation that owner of the place only wants to have someone in the place for certain hours doing work

Sometimes you might need to have worry free , just contract us by the complete work


Complete house remodeling all over

Incomparable company in long island NY

A lot of reference and satisfied customers

Free estimate without compromise for any comparison in the market

Owner on site working and/or inspecting all the time

Punctuality is our feature and is important for good business

Excellent work covering any details to embellish your work


House remodeling or maintenance

We specialize in all phases of construction including Siding, Windows and Roofing, Kitchens and Bathrooms as well as any other type of interior or exterior work in which you would be interested.


House benefits

House makes you feel important all day with small price of  remodeling

We solve or resolve any leaks, work

Beautifying your rooms , bathroom and more

Create new dreams like rooms , apartments, bathrooms walls , floors , etc.. In real life

rent, organize or have more space of living

our satisfaction is your earning


Give confidential or surprise gift

We keep your secret according to your idea.. Your house will welcome your love one as you never thought about it.

Make a phone call to us and your house in hours will change the look

Trust us and we will pick up your material and modify any place of your house with our team

We keep Excellent reputation for our company of home improvement.



Painting Interior and exterior of any house of long island , NY

Preparing before paint any surface like scraping,sanding,changing boards,molding etc..

Staining/polyurethane frames,tables,floors

Repairs and matching colors

Painting kitchen cabinets

New construction priming and painting



Insulate attic , basement, walls ceiling, crawl space ceiling..

New construction insulation

Keep your electrical bill low covering any house draft of air getting into your house


Drywall , SHEETROCK , we use plaster and more

Spackling small/big areas , taping , sanding

Sheetrock installation entire house, apartments, basement and any part of the house with spackle or without

Hole repairs

arc and any design of drywall styles

Same day sheetrock finished




Build a nice storage space with shelves

Protect your things from weather, dust and deterioration

Lets build a nice shed in your backyard


Flooding and disinfect areas

Removing water from basement

Removing carpets, walls, ceiling

Complete demolition from basement

Desinfect with bleach,special quimical for mildew



Door/windows installation

Base/top molding

Crown molding any size anywhere interior/exterior

Shed/decks installation and maintenance

Framing walls , make partition between rooms

Replace rotten or termite damaged 2×4 , 2×6 lumber anywhere of the house

Reinforce falling ceiling and stop going down or sinking your house


Retaining walls

Built with concrete , cendar blocks, wood lumber

Protect your property with solid walls

Adorn entrance with decorative bricks or blocks



Have a space to put your tables, chairs and get all your family gathered in one beautiful deck

Decks maintenance like fixes boards, powerwash or sanding , staining with the color of your taste

New design ?



General Assembling

Playthings assemblies

Swingers , basketballs , games


Closet organizers

Assembling organizer inside the closet

Install new shelve, poles and hangers

Build wood boxes for shoes and other things

install cedar planks in the entire closet to protect your clothes

Install new bifolding,sliding,folding,mirror doors for closets


Electrical / plumbing works

Replacing faucets, sinks , shower body , bathtubs, shower pans

Changing outlets , light bulbs , switches


Blacktop anywhere

Walkways of blacktop , repairs any holes or bumps

Entire driveway, walkways installation

Cleaning weeds, dust, patching cracks or holes and Seal it protecting your blacktop and also making your driveway look new again


Sidewalks destroyed by root trees

When the root come out really cause the sidewalk lift up and if you leave it , and for sure  make the sidewalk unusable and dangerous for anybody pass by



Wood fence

Vinyl Fences

Metal Fences

Aluminum Fences

Chain Link Fences

Steel Fences

Bamboo Fences


When we go to your house first we plan how is going to be your work if it need to remove your old fence , and prepare the place we do that. After we measure all from corner to corner , run the line , tape measure and start making posts.



Cement work , sidewalk, driveway

Brick walls , retaining walls, any work of bricks

Removing stain from concrete

Patios with bricks , stones , flower beds with decorative blocks

Stucco on walls and other designs with cement



Carpet installation

Cleaning, washing entire carpet

In the stairs , bedrooms, anywhere the house

Repairs holes in the carpet




You need to open a space

Site preparation

Make hole for cesspool

Make excavation for any project you have in mind we make it in reality

Move dearth from one place to another


Crawl space work

Some people see that moisture is coming from the crawl space because of poor insulation

Well we do the best to cover all the crawl space with insulation, thick plastic and staples

In the other hand your crawl space need to clean or open more space to keep some belonging , no problem >> let us do it for you

Or whatever the work will be in the crawl space , you will be satisfied with our team doing the work well-done


Ceramic , marble , any tile

Chalk line , tape measure , square , level, our skill to set tiles and much more are used to make the best work in your house, your dream. Its easy for us to do the right work.

Tiling anywhere in the house will be installed by professional person.

It could be any size or material , your design or mine , its your choice



Repairs and matching wallpapering

Entire walls,ceiling of wallpaper


After removing maybe it needs skim coat so we do that work

All type of wallpaper like vinyl , clothes, paper etc..


Power washing

Your house is the best investment that you have so is important to look clean and protect your house with powerwashing siding, walkways we have the best price of long island just give us a call

Power wash exterior furnitures, siding, patios, roof , decks, sheds etc…



Need new installation just on top of the existing one , no problem

Have leak and want to solve it , please count on us and call  for your solution

Want to rip it off the entire roof and you yourself want to install it , we can be part of your dreams

Complete work of roof , replacing plywoods , shingles roofs, fix leaks


Tree removal and bushes

Trimming trees

Cutting small or big trees

Grinding roots

Removing all debris from backyards



Complete bathroom specialist

Installing new ceramic tiles , marble, and any accessories in the bathroom

Removing walls and putting new design in your bathroom.

Having all new in your bathroom is the best decision



Removing cabinet

Installing new floors

Replacing cabinets



Need to prepare , just prepare like removing sheetrock, shingle roof, floors, bathroom,kitchen .. Etc…

Any apartment , roof , siding, walkways

We provide with dumpster or either way

Make it clean and spacy , we make your dream come true


Backyard cleanups

You have a lot of leaves or piles of garbage/leaves, wonderful we are the solution one call away and we are like magic , your place will be impacable

Organizing and moving around your things ?

Don’t have problem with the town, we give you our guaranteed that your place we keep it clean


Window cleaning

Good vision in your house or business is good signal that your place is active and look nice

Window cleaning using padding and squeegee is an art

Light power washing all windows ? Mmh


House cleaning and maintenance

house cleaning – housekeeping – maid service

office cleaning

move-in/move-out cleaning

post-construction cleaning

interior and exterior windows cleaning

carpet cleaning

complete floor care: stripping / buffing / waxing


pet odor removal

water and fire damage restoration

… and many other cleaning services


Siding around houses ( oficio 28)

Vinyl Siding Installations

Vinyl Siding Repairs

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Premium Vinyl Siding

Replacement Siding

Vertical Vinyl Siding

Plastic Siding


Vinyl siding is quite strong and does not collapse in the summer or become brittle in the winter. It also requires low maintenance, since it does not need to be painted. Long Island vinyl siding is offered in a variety of widths, lengths, colors, shapes and textures.


Wood flooring

A lot of People tend to realize the importance of flooring and its contribution towards offering a stunning and captivating look to the home. Gone are the days of using carpet floors and wood floors are highly preferred. It adds a special elegance and sophistication to the interiors. Eventually, there is no trendy, stylish and elegant than a hardwood. It renovates your completely offering a dazzling look.


Ceramic tiles/marble

We repair any broken tiles on floors or walls

Regrout the floors , shower walls

Calk all around the shower

Ceramic tile installation in the perfect level

Marble patterns

Backsplash by the kitchen counter

Subfloors installation, mud work to level the surface


Vinyl , laminate, sheets flooring

Looks nice any laminate floors in bedrooms

Vinyl installation on sheets, peel and sticks tiles

Commercial floors in vinyl

We are the master in low price of flooring


Drop ceiling

Sometimes there are pipes that you need access specially in basements ceiling

Or simply want to install drop ceiling in your living room well we are here to help you

Drop ceiling comes different colors, sizes or shapes

In tiles we glue it and stapled in the wood tracks



Walls speak in which is real because if you install nice wainscoting your walls will give another elegant look

Wainscoting comes in colors , planks , and ready to install  with nice top molding and bottom your walls will tell anybody that is beautiful


Landscaping service

Cut lawn maintenance weekly, monthly ..

Preparing site and install or replace sods on your lawn is the best solution

We go to your house and cut your lawn at the size you like it.

Call and reserve your account to make the lawn maintenance at your house at low cost

We are a reliable people who can trust all the time.


House watch only one price for any work, per day pay

One ,two or a family will live and work in your house

While you are in vacation

You have foreclosure , bank need to keep the house

Need male or female company working in duties of the house and want to have everything organized

We pickup your mails , cut lawn , do handyman work all around your house

Fix anything that happens in your house

Keep your house alive , active , and beautiful


Rip it off roof or siding ready to install

Would you like only rip it off all roofing either asphalt shingle roof , slate .. No problem

We take care the garbage or the way you prefer

Sometimes there are people who likes me to prepare the site to work

Contractor are welcome to call


we are full licensed and insured in all Nassau and Suffolk counties

call me for any work

free consultation or estimate