PerfectoRemodel corp.  

we do demolition

if you only have demolition , no more question we are going to do demolition like all these situations

1.- you want to remove all sheetrock , cabinet, and the rest of a bathroom we only leave it just ready to install new sheetrock and the rest

2.- for any reason you want to remove all your sheetrock, floors , walls , cabinet and the rest of a kitchen , we do the way you like it

3.- you have a pile of garbage in the back or side of your house and like us to remove it

4.- in almost all our demolition , we have dumpsters ready to use or otherwise customers supply and we only pass the garbage to the dumpter

5.- you need to do clean-ups and organize your garage , backyards , or sheds … we do it

6 .- you want to make holes , remove dearth, level areas to work or plant , or whatever situation is , we are ready to do it

7.- you don’t need no more sheds, decks , garages , we remove from your property


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