PerfectoRemodel corp.  

          To install and/or finish drywall is an art and only proffesional drywallers can do the trick. we have done drywall for years and many times doing this work, we became experts, finishing the surface very smooth , no bumps, no lines, well done. 


    Whether you’re doing a modern space or something more traditional, your corner bead, ceiling finish, wall finish, will enhance the mood of your home. 

  • ceiling finishes, stipple, spatter, knockdown, painted
  • Patches of water damages
  • old, burned or mildew, wet drywall replacement
  • whole house tape and spackled
  • skim coating ceiling or walls leaving the space smooth and like new surface


     When there are too much lines,bumps or whatever reason would be, it’s much better to remove the old sheetrock, or drywall then install new. 

We work with home owners to do large amount of drywall installation.


we remove nails or screws and the rest of the drywalls 


Our insulation service will be : 

  • fiberglass batts
  • insulation for attics, walls, ceiling, floors
  • vapour barrier
  • fire rating , custom soundproofing

Installing drywall, which is also known as Sheetrock, is an important part of building a house  or anything, for that matter


  • Spackling small/big areas , taping , sanding , we can leave it ready to paint or we can also paint it
  • Sheetrock installation entire house, apartments, basement and any part of the house with spackle or without
  • Hole repairs and any design of drywall styles
  • Same day sheet-rock finished , it’s a matter of few hours
  • remove bad sheetrock and install new pieces
  • if you already have your drywall installed , we can finish it too
  • if somewhere of your house it needs few sheets of drywall , count on us

we know the fastest and easy way to spackle your walls or ceiling

there are things we use to do the right work :

  • paris plaster
  • joint compound
  • plaster 20 minutes
  • tape
  • rollers
  • brushes
  • and more

we really know how to do fine spackle work , work with pure plaster , work in old houses and new houses , we do also skim coat entire wall or some spots in the room.

Sometimes there are new houses of 200  and up sheetrocks installation and finish tape and spackled , we take care of that easy, elegant and cheap.