Some questions before our prices are generated : please circle the answer or choose yes / no


Would you like the price included labor and  material         yes                     no

Only price for labor + tax                                yes           no

You want a price quoted by day                            yes               no

Your project wants to get done this quality         medium        well-done        excellent

Medium work =  lower price , worked with helper ,he is a learner willing to do the best work guided by contractor

Well-done =  medium quality to higher this works done by experienced helper worked before in the trade and guided by contractor

Excellent work =  the price is for professional  and done by high knowledgeable and experienced person in the project with experienced helper(s) or another professional person in the trade


Are you concern about prices or quality of work ?

Do you have any budget for this project

You already have another estimate, can you tell me what prices they quoted honestly

When are you ready to do your work , tomorrow , next week or next month

What prices are you looking for ? very cheap , cheap , in the middle , or don’t care about prices

how soon you want to do your project

who is the decision maker in the house , you or your spouse ?

it seems high my price ? we do all the time same prices…why you want too cheap ?

we have a lot of customers all long island and there are very happy with us and you can be one of them too

details is our priority and we make sure that your project will be at your satisfaction

if I would be at your place,I would be happy to have a license contractor doing my project with full insurance to give myself peace of mind

you can check all my pictures and videos so you will know that we know what we do all the time

your house looks beautiful and as always we need to maintain to keep it nice look like painting, power wash, changing things in the house and more

from what time we can work and until what time we can stay at your house working ..


thank you for reading our before prices ..