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When I was little child , I grew up when my parent’s house was in construction and we were 8 brother and sister and I was one of the last child, my passion for home remodeling was inmense, because I lived in Peru and over there was everything bricks,cement and concrete, I always had at my availability cement,bricks,concrete and a lot of tools and material in my house because my father and family were in house remodeling and construction business so they always had left over materials and a lot of tools to use, I remember when i was left alone in my house, I used to build brick walls in the big lot that my parents had it, installing floors, fixing leaking faucet, installing ceramics and much more …. then time changed and I came to new york when I was in my teenager, here in long island,new york I had to work to support myself and one of my first job was in construction. so nowadays time passed then I understand much better this business. so please feel free to talk with me anytime for any consultation , advice .


PerfectoRemodel corp. is fully licensed and insured for your protection, and we go straight forward to the point have a conversation and write down all details of the projects before we begin any work. There is nothing to hide we make it easy for you and for us

Nassau  License : H0305700000

Suffolk License : 47431-H


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