PerfectoRemodel corp.  

Our Projects :   workers close to your house it’s much cheaper

  We make reality any new painting work in varies colors, also if it needs to fix any walls,ceiling the project will be in the right way. and some occasions it needs to install new or replace molding on top or bottom we do it too, in reality we do any carpentry work like framing,windows,doors,molding and a lot of more … 

          Some bathrooms are too old and needs to replace it with new everything so we are here to convert your old bathroom to new one. because your bathroom is a presentation to feel good,we need to put consideration in remodel any details. 

         your environment to see new kitchen is important so your food comes also delicious and brings great ideas to cook delicious meal anytime of your life. 

        any floor as long is new change the aspect of the room and we give new look to your space. if you have a basement,any room,bathroom,kitchen,foyers and any details is amazing once is installed in proper way. 


  its winter time, you want to conserve energy and pay less electricity money so let’s install new INSULATION in the attic, floor, basement or anywhere you think a draft of air is coming to your house so is time to put or replace to new insulation. 

         privacy is imperative to do anything in your house, so FENCE made of wood,vinyl or anything we can install it also do custom made fencing for your property. at cheap prices your fence we do the right installation. 

         if you have a small repairs of drywall, so there is no problem we do it too or if you have many drywall in old house or new construction like 300 ,600 or more sheets of drywall we are prepared to do, make the best prices and well done project with only proffesional people who guarantee any finished spackle  or installation work. 

there are many times that you need to act quickly in roofing because each day accumulate the damages in the shingle roof leak. for this reason just give me a call or text me for any emergency, we either fix it or replace the whole shingle roof inmediately. 

        and also the leak going to inside of your house it could be coming from the siding,roof or windows/ doors. if it’s vinyl siding or wood siding we fix it or install it new facade. so within few days your house it will look like new again. 


        As you can see there are many projects or jobs done or it can be done in your house. always something, give me a call right now and you will receive best price and excellent work. FREE ESTIMATE AND CONSULTATION.  John at your service.                  

PerfectoRemodel corp. is fully licensed and insured for your protection, and we go straight forward to the point to write down all details of the projects before we begin any work. There is nothing to hide we make it easy for you and for us 

Nassau  License : H0305700000

Suffolk License : 47431-H


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